Selecting a component or placeholder in Pages


You can navigate up through the hierarchy of fields, components, and placeholders on a page.

Sometimes a component or placeholder can contain a field, component, or placeholder that is the same size. This can make it difficult to select the specific field, component, or placeholder that you want to work with. When you click in the editor in Pages, the field or lowest-level component is selected, and a tab appears with the name of the field or component. You can click the arrow on the tab to move up the hierarchy to the next-level component or placeholder that contains the selected field, component, or placeholder.

For example, in the following screenshot, the Text field is selected:

The Text field selected in Pages.

When you click the up arrow in the field tab, the component that contains the field is selected. In this example, the Sample Rendering component is selected.

The Sample rendering component selected in Pages.