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Use debug mode in Sitecore CDP


How to use debug mode in the UI to access a table or JSON view of data (Sitecore CDP).

If you enable the debug feature flag, you can view data in a table or JSON format on certain screens. This is useful when troubleshooting experiments, because you can access all the data in a guest profile either in a table or in JSON format.

To use debug mode:

  1. Click the cdp_debug_icon.png icon next to the data you want to access. There are multiple screens within the Sitecore CDP application that this icon displays on.

    The following image shows the debug feature that is available on the guest profile page.

    Accessing the debug feature in the guest profile.
  2. Depending on where you clicked the icon, a window displays that includes data in a table.

    The following image shows the window that displays if you click the cdp_debug_icon.png icon on the guest profile screen.

    Viewing debug mode in a table format.
  3. To see the data in JSON format, click Show as JSON. A JSON representation of data displays, as shown in the following image.

    Viewing debug mode in JSON format.
  4. To download the JSON to a local destination, click cdp_graygear.png, then Download. Alternatively, to copy the JSON to the clipboard, click Copy.

  5. To return to the previous screen, click cdp_closeicon.png.