Refine, improve, or translate text using AI

Content Hub ONE's built-in AI writer helps you jump-start your content creation process. You can either create original content, use the AI content generator to write draft text, or enhance existing content. Entering a prompt will generate an initial draft, which you can refine by improving the prompt until you have a draft that you are happy with. Using the AI writer lets you create or translate content quicker and more efficiently while maintaining complete control over the text of every content item.

By clicking Generate with AI generate with AI icon, you can use AI to:

  • Generate or translate content for short text, long text, and rich-text fields.

  • Refine content by making it shorter.

  • Enhance the quality of the content by expanding upon the existing text,

  • Summarize content.

  • Change the tone of the content, such as making it more formal, casual, informative, friendly, or bold.

  • Check grammar and spelling.

  • Improve the writing style.


Before translating content ensure the locales you need are defined.

When a field is empty, you are asked to describe what you want to write about.


Make prompts clear and concise. Be sure to specify the type of content you want (for example, Write step-by-step instructions on how to make a cheese and pepperoni pizza). Specify important keywords and constraints.

AI text options Write a headline, title or sentence

After writing your prompt, click Generate to create a first draft. If the text isn't quite what you wanted, you can refine your prompt and regenerate the content. When you're happy with it, you can insert the text into the field. You can continue to improve the text by selecting it and using AI or you can translate the text if the content item is a localization with a specific locale.

Refinement options for short text, long text, and rich text fields

If a lot of people are using the AI writer at the same time, you might get a message asking you to try again later. Similarly, if your prompt is particularly long, you might be asked to make it more concise.

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