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Developer resources in the Customer Engagement Console (CEC)


Overview of developer resources available in the Customer Engagement Console (CEC).

Sitecore Discover provides developer tools in the Customer Engagement Console (CEC) that you can use to learn about and test our services.

The following developer resources are available through the CEC:

  • API Access - page that provides important information about accessing the APIs, including API keys, first-party URLs, SFTP credentials, and so on.

  • API Explorer - tool for learning how to make runtime experience requests and how the responses to those requests are formatted. Also for learning how to interact with the Search and Recommendation API.

  • Event Builder - tool for creating and validating events.

  • Event Monitor - tool for verifying that you have implemented an experience correctly and that it is publishing events to Discover from user interactions on your live website.

  • AI Monitor - tool for understanding how visitor actions on the site are being interpreted by the AI in Discover.