Using the Event Monitor

The Event Monitor is a tool to help you verify that your website events are being sent to Sitecore Discover in the correct format. Event monitoring can be used together with whatever environment your Discover account is connected to.

To use the Event Monitor, you must enter a valid UUID, then navigate to your Discover-enabled e-commerce site and interact with it as if you were a customer. While you do this, the Event Monitor displays the events generated by your actions in the order you complete those actions.

The Event Monitor contains two separate sections of information regarding your events. On the left is a list of cards with information about each event received by Discover. This information includes the time the event was received, the type of event, and its status. The following information is also included:

  • Event Details - The object representing the event

  • Event Validation - Any errors or messages returned by Discover

  • Event Resolution - Information about whether the correct product(s) are attributed to the event

On the right side of the Event Monitor, under Event Occurrence in Session, is a list of events that are expected for your chosen experience, along with their status. The expected events include Appear and Click events for all widgets on the page. They also include any relevant user events, such as login events, and funnel events, such as product viewed, add to cart, cart status, and so on.


In order for the experience to be considered successfully integrated, all events outlined under Event Occurrence in Session must be completed.

Example scenario

You visit your website's home page and scroll down to view a recommendation widget with the ID rfkid_1. Then, you click on a product in the widget, which brings you to the product detail page. Finally, you click Add to cart to add the product to your cart.

In this example, the left side of the Event Monitor shows at least four events in the following order:

  1. Appear event for the rfkid_1 widget

  2. Click event for the product

  3. View event for the product detail page

  4. Add to cart event for the product

The right side of the Event Monitor shows check marks next to each of the expected events that have occurred. In this case, the events with check marks include the rfkid_1 widget appear and click events as well as the product view and add to cart funnel events.

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