Using the AI Monitor

The AI Monitor is a debugging tool available in the Customer Engagement Console (CEC). You can use it to understand how visitor actions on your site are interpreted by the AI in Discover.

To use the AI Monitor to monitor a shopping session, you must enter a UUID, then navigate to your Discover-enabled eCommerce site and interact with it as if you were a customer. As you do this, the AI Monitor shows each chronological action you take in your session. Then, it shows the products displayed in response to those actions. Finally, the AI Monitor shows the probability of click conversion for each product in these results.

The AI Monitor flags products that are displayed in the session because of a rule. When debugging, this feature can help explain inconsistent behaviors caused by rules.

On the right-hand side of the AI Monitor output, your total and partial affinity scores are displayed. These scores change with every click, so as you interact with the site, you can see how the affinities change. For example, if you click several green items, the green color affinity score increases.

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