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Describes how to create a condition that marketers can add to an experimentexperience.

Developers can create custom conditions to turn complex code into a user-friendly interface for marketers.

Marketers can apply a condition to an experiment or experience to show it to visitors based on real-time visitor behavior. For example, a condition can determine whether to run an experiment or experience based on the visitor's real-time geolocation or device. All a marketer has to do is select the condition and enter fields, eliminating the need to write or edit code, as shown here:

Applying a condition

Sitecore Personalize enables developers to create custom conditions using JavaScript. They can do this by copying an out-of-the box or custom condition and modifying its JavaScript, or creating it from scratch.

Sitecore Personalize also provides out-of-the-box conditions, as shown here:

Out of the box conditions