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Ideas for web templates


Overview of when and why to use web templates (Sitecore Personalize).

There are not any set rules for creating a web template, other than it being a web experiment or experience that your organization would want to reuse. The overall benefit of creating a web template is that technical team members can provide the HTML, and all the marketer has to do is select the template and make minor alterations, no code required.

The following are some ideas for web templates:

  • Discount Rates Discovery - enable guests to quickly discover deals and offers throughout their session. A button lets them access offers on-demand while they browse.

  • Covid-19 Updates - show real-time updates throughout your site on how the Covid-19 virus is currently affecting business continuity, inventory, shipping, and priority deliveries.

  • New Arrivals Notice - generate more engagement, increase click-through-rates, and encourage conversion down the funnel by announcing new arrivals on your homepage.

  • Coupon Code Offer - reveal a special promotion to nudge guest's to completing a purchase within a current session.

  • Countdown Offer - show a countdown-timer to create a sense of urgency for guests browsing your site. Personalized images combined with a countdown clock can encourage guests to complete purchases before session-end.

  • Download App Offer - entice guests to download a native mobile app. Create the web template as big as you want, even as a full overlay to completely capture a guest's attention and nudge them to download.

  • Full Screen Overlay - capture interest by showing a full-screen overlay to rectify exit intent, join your loyalty membership program, or more, without impacting the guest's navigation or their user experience.

  • Previously Viewed Drawer - create a pull-out drawer effect so guests can access previously-viewed products on-demand to add to their cart. This is especially useful when lots of products have been viewed and the guest has the potential to lose track of what has captured their interest.

  • Scrollable Bottom Recommender Bar - add a personalized background to your product recommenders with branding, additional context, and the design wow-factor.

The following are examples of web templates that focus on specific areas of a webpage. You can create or apply a web template to display anywhere on a web-based app.

  • Top Bar - incorporate a top bar modal, for example, to perform banner personalization on your homepage.

  • Popup - show a lightbox popup, for example, if you want a pop-up to display to show the guest special offers.

  • Inactive Browser Tab - display a message on an inactive browser tab.

  • Corner Popup - create a slide-in message on any corner of the webpage.

  • Exit Intent - show a message to a guest when they show they intend to leave your website.

  • Side Bar - display a full-length side bar that slides from left or right of the screen.