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Use code mode in the campaign editor


Describes how to use code mode in the campaign editor.

In the campaign editor, you can use code mode to get a read-only view of the HTML code of your newsletter. You can download the JSON file of your newsletter so that you can share the newsletter template with other team members, so they can make edits. You can also upload a JSON file if you are working on a template from another application and want to import it into the editor.

To use code mode:

  1. On the main menu, click Code. The editor switches to code mode.

  2. The editing area shows a read-only view of the HTML code of your design. You have the following options:

    • Copy HTML Code - copies the HTML code to the clipboard. You can paste the code into a text or a document file.

    • Download JSON file -¬†saves the JSON file of the newsletter template as a text (.txt) file.

    • Upload JSON file - lets you select a JSON file from your computer and loads it to the editor. The editor switches back to edit mode.