Raw client

The raw client allows custom HTTP or HTTPS requests to the Sitecore Content Hub, while still being authenticated and impersonated like any other action in the SDK. Any custom HTTP clients or delegating handlers are still used and events are still fired.

Built-in requests

The client supports the following requests:

  • GET

  • PUT

  • POST


The following snippet will fetch an entity with id 1000, and directly read it as an EntityResource which is the data model for the REST API.


HttpResponseMessage response = await MClient.Raw.GetAsync("http://localhost:8080/api/entities/1000");
HttpResponseMessage resource = await response.Content.ReadAsJsonAsync<EntityResource> ();

The ReadAsJsonAsync method can be imported from Stylelabs.M.Sdk.WebClient.Http.

Custom headers can also be passed as a second (optional) parameter.

Full control over requests

Additionally, it is also possible to have full control over the request using the SendAsync method, for example for verbs which are not built-in. This method requires a factory function that returns a HttpRequestMessage. A factory function is needed so that the message can be retried on failures, because this requires a new message object.


No results from the raw client will be processed. No exceptions will be thrown when an unsuccessful status code is returned. This will need to be done manually. Some useful members on the HttpResponseMessage are the EnsureSuccessStatusCode method and IsSuccessStatusCode property.

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