Build an add to cart event using the Event Builder

You can use the Event Builder to build and validate a variety of events, including funnel events, user login events, and widget events such as widget click, and widget appear.


For information on building a widget event, refer to building and validating a widget event.

To build an add to cart event using the Event Builder:

  1. In the Builder panel, under API, select either rfk.push or REST API, depending on how you have integrated your experience.

  2. Under EVENT, select Non-Widget.

  3. Under CHOOSE EVENT TO TRACK, in the drop-down menu, click Track Add To Cart.

  4. Under EVENT NAME, in the drop-down menu, click on Product Details Page, Quick View, or Cart.

  5. (Optional) Under PRODUCTS, select a product from the drop-down menu. Then, under QUANTITY, PRICE, and ORIGINAL PRICE, enter desired amounts.


    If you do not specify the product(s), quantity, price, or original price, those values are autocompleted with example values.

  6. (Optional) Under any of the CONTEXT headings, fill out context values such as geo, user, and so on.


    If your experience is integrated using the REST API, geo and browser contextual data is required.

  7. Click Build.

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