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Create an offer template


Describes how to create an offer template (Sitecore Personalize).

An offer is a marketing message that contains information and images that can be presented to a guest in multiple channels. You can use an offer template to create offers.

If your organization is using Sitecore Cloud Portal, team members with a User, Developer, or Admin role in Cloud Portal can create an offer template.

If your organization is not using Sitecore Cloud Portal, you must have an Enterprise Designer role to create an offer template.

To create an offer template:

  1. On the navigation menu, click Developer Center, Offer Templates. The Offer Templates screen displays.

  2. Click Create Offer Template. The Create Offer Template screen displays.

  3. Complete the following fields:

    • Name - Enter a name for the offer template.

    • Description - Enter a description for the offer template.

    • Contexts - Do not use. This is a legacy feature.

  4. To start adding attributes, click the + Add an attribute link. An attribute row displays.


    You must add the attributes to export to the service or webpage that consumes the offers made from the offer template. The name of the variable that you enter must be exactly the same as the reliant service or webpage. For example, if the webpage expects "linkUrl", but you enter "link-url", an error will occur at run time.

  5. In the Attributes field, enter a name for the attribute.

  6. In the Select option drop-down list, click the attribute type:

    • String

    • Number

    • Date

  7. To add an additional attributes, click the Plus icon. A new attribute row displays. Repeat steps 5-6.

  8. Click Save. The Offer Templates screen displays. The offer template is now available for users to select when they create offers.