Bury a product in a search results widget

Sitecore Discover widgets display products based on user-defined or context-driven queries. To force products to the bottom of the results, you can bury them. The following procedure describes how you can bury a product among other products that meet the search criteria.

To bury a product in a search results widget:

  1. In the Customer Engagement Console (CEC), on the menu bar, click Widgets.

  2. On the Widgets tab, click the name of the search results widget you want to open.

  3. On the Widget Variations tab, click Add Variation and in the input field, enter an easy to identify name for the new variation.

  4. Turn on the Make this as a default variation switch and click Save.

  5. On the Rules tab, click Add Rule.

  6. On the menu bar, click Merchandising.

  7. In the left pane of the Merchandising page, click the Bury tab, and in the right pane, on the Products tab, in the products search input field, enter text to filter the list by name.

    For details and performance analytics summary of a product, click Quick Look.

  8. Drag the product to a slot and click Save.

  9. Click Publish to apply your changes.

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