Delete or archive a widget variation

If the list of variations in the Widget Variations tab of a widget gets long and difficult to work with, you can choose to safely archive some variations or to delete them permanently. You can retrieve archived variations at any time in the future.


Before archiving or deleting widget variations:

  • You can archive or delete a widget variation, irrespective of its widget variation status, as long as it is not the default variation.

  • Archiving an Active variation automatically switches the widget to its default variation.

  • To archive or delete a default variation, make another variation the default variation.

To delete or archive a widget variation:

  1. In the Customer Engagement Console (CEC), on the menu bar, click Widgets.

  2. On the Widgets tab, click the recommendation widget you want to open.

  3. On the Widget Variations tab, to access action buttons on the right side of the widget variation card, hover over the widget variation name.

  4. Click Delete or Archive.

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