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Ideas for decision templates


Overview of how to use decision templates (Sitecore Personal.

You can create a decision template if your organization wants to reuse a programmable decision in multiple decision models. The benefit of creating a decision template is that a technical user writes the JavaScript, the marketer simply has to drag-and-drop the decision template from the decision palette to the decision canvas. No code is required.

The following are some ideas for decision templates:

  • Retrieve upcoming Orders - Retrieve all upcoming, active orders to use as inputs when determining the next best action or offer. This ensures that you do not show an offer for a product that a guest has recently purchased.

  • Leverage custom attributes - Use custom guest attributes that are specific to your organization as inputs in decisioning. For example, use the guest's loyalty membership tier as an input in a decision model variant. This can ensure that you only display offers and content relevant to the guest's current membership tier.

  • Retrieve event types - Retrieve the event types to use as inputs in a programmable decision. For example, if you want to retarget a guest who abandoned their cart, you can retrieve event types to use in decisioning.

  • Retrieve currency of closed session - Create a decision template to ensure that your organization is consistent in personalizing to the guest in the same currency that they chose in their closed session. This is particularly useful in experiments or experiences designed for retargeting the guest.

  • Identify next trip - For travel organizations, identify the guest's next upcoming trip. Certain guests might have multiple upcoming trips purchased. Use a decision template to return next best offers and actions for the trip with the nearest departure date.