Filter and search your campaigns


Learn how to use filters and search queries to organize your campaigns.

Once you have created a few campaigns, you may find it convenient to organize them. There are two campaign categories: Regular campaigns and RSS and Repeatable campaigns. Each category includes slightly different filtering options that you use to organize your campaigns.

To filter and search your campaigns:

  1. On your dashboard, click Campaigns and click Regular.

  2. A list of your existing Regular campaigns appears. In the Regular field, you can now use the following options to filter the campaigns:

    • Filter by label: select one of the available labels in the drop-down menu (these will be any labels that you have added to any of your campaigns), to filter your list.

    • Filter by status: select one of the following campaign status options: All, Archived, Draft, Not Enough Credits, Scheduled, Selecting Winner, Sending, Sent, Subscription Expired, Subscription Limits Exceeded. Filtering by status can provide you with useful information about important actions you may need to take regarding your campaigns.

    • Search by name or by type: use the search bar to enter keywords and quickly find a specific campaign. Alternatively, you can search for a specific campaign by using the campaign ID.