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The XM Cloud Pages editor is a WYSIWYG editor where you can make changes to your website content directly on the page. You can edit all the items that are visible on the page – text, graphics, logos, links, and so on.

In the Pages editor, your changes can affect all of the following:

  • Layout for the current version of the page – but not other versions.

  • Shared fields that are shared by all versions in all languages.

  • Unversioned fields that are shared by all versions in the same language.

  • Versioned fields that apply only to the current version of the item in the current language.


When you edit a field in the Pages editor, be aware that if the field contains assigned content, you also change the content on other pages that use the same content.

To edit a page in the Pages editor:

  1. In the Pages tab, in the site tree, open the page that you want to edit.


    Pages supports concurrent editing, and items are not locked during editing. The auto-save feature ensures that changes are saved quickly and often.

  2. To switch to a different language version, on the global toolbar, click the language selector. Then, in the drop-down menu, click the relevant language.

  3. Click the component that you want to edit, and configure it using the settings in the right-hand pane.

    Depending on the type of field included in the component, you have different options:

    • Text field (single-line or multi-line) - you can only enter text. The field automatically expands to fit the text you enter.

    • Rich text field - you can edit the text in the field and apply formatting to the text using the formatting tools that appear in the right-hand pane.

    • Image field - you can insert various types of images.

    • Link and General link field - you can add and edit an internal link (a link to content in your Sitecore solution) or an external link (a link to a URL).

    • Number field (number or integer) - a number field might have restrictions, such as whole numbers only, or the maximum number of decimal points. A decimal separator must be entered as "." regardless of the language. It is displayed in the content area according to your settings. You cannot enter other separators, such as 1,000.00.


      Numbers and integers cannot be bigger than 9007199254740991 or smaller than -9007199254740991.

      A number with more than 5 decimals will be automatically rounded.

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