Personalize digital experiences

With Personalize, XM Cloud Pages lets you build web pages with layouts and content customized to different audiences. That way, visitors to your website get to see content that matches their expectations and requirements.

Personalization can be based on the following:

  • The visitor’s current site behavior (such as viewing a specific page).

  • Information carried over from an external source that referred the visitor to your website, such as a social media campaign.

  • Information about the session, such as the visitor’s geolocation or the device they are using.

  • A specific time period.

Screenshot of a page variant in XM Cloud Pages Personalize

Personalization in XM Cloud Pages is done at the page level: you create a page variant, and you can then customize some or all components of this page variant. It is not yet possible to personalize at the component level, on partial designs, or on standard values shared among pages.


For Personalize to work, you need to create a site identifier and assign it to your website in the XM Cloud Dashboard Settings.

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