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Schedule a segment in Sitecore CDP


How to schedule a segment so that it is included in your organization's nightly segment build (Sitecore CDP).

After you create a segment, you must schedule it to be included in your organization's nightly segment build. You must schedule the segment if you want to use the segment within Sitecore CDP. After you schedule a segment, Sitecore CDP continuously processes, evaluates, and interprets new data to determine segment eligibility within 24 hours of an interaction.

Alternatively, if you only created the segment to interrogate your organization's data, you do not need to schedule the segment.

To schedule a segment for your organization's nightly segment build:

  • On the Build screen, click Start on the status banner. The status of the segment changes to Publishing before automatically updating to Scheduled, if no errors occur.


A segment has the status Publishing for only a few minutes. The status of the segment changes from Scheduled to Live, after the segment has finished calculating in your organization's nightly segment build.