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Introduction to interactive experiments in Sitecore Personalize


Overview of interactive experiments that enable developers to test their full technology stack (Sitecore Personalize).

Interactive experiments enable developers to run tests across their full technology stack while serving dynamic content and offers.

An interactive experiment is essentially a test between multiple variants. You can configure variants to serve dynamic data by using APIs to access back-end systems for maximum server-side personalization.

We recommend you create an interactive experiment anytime you want to statistically test that a customer experience is resulting in the best outcome. For example, test several new pricing models to see which one results in the most conversions and highest revenue. After a variant winner is declared, you can create an experience to promote the winner to the default customer experience.

Regardless of your organization's line of business, most people can relate to a retail website experiment. For example, if a guest on a retail site hovers their mouse over a denim dress for more than 30 seconds, you have an opportunity to display contextual content to persuade the guest to see an image of the dress on a different-sized model, view other colors, or add it to their cart. If you want the deepest personalization possible for this scenario, you can use APIs to:

  • Determine which shade of denim is currently selling the best in the guest's region and default to this shade when the guest selects the size and color.

  • Show images of similar dresses based on real-time recommenders

  • Eliminate and narrow results based on real-time inventory levels and manufacturing timelines.

An interactive experiment can test any website elements that are handled by the back end, such as the following:

  • Offer bidding models

  • Pricing models

  • Urgency widgets

  • Real-time inventory levels

  • Delivery estimates