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Introduction to triggered experiments in Sitecore Personalize


Introduction to triggered experiments that enable you to present offers and next best actions to targeted audiences (Sitecore Personalize).

A triggered experiment enables you to send personalised offers in emails to an Email Service Provider (ESP) for email distribution or to a SMS/Push service provider to distribute the offers as a text message or push notification (popup message on a mobile device).

A triggered experiment is essentially a statistical test between multiple variants. A variant is a variation of a customer experience. For example, you can run a triggered experiment to test whether sending an abandoned cart email that includes dynamic inventory levels increases conversion. Variant A is the email that shows the dynamic inventory levels and Variant B is the abandoned cart email that your organization normally sends.

We recommend you create a triggered experiment anytime you want to statistically test that a customer experience is resulting in the best outcome. For example, test an abandoned cart email campaign. After a variant winner is declared, you can create a triggered experience to promote the winner to the default customer experience.