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Introduction to web experiments in Sitecore Personalize


Provides an overview of web experiments, which facilitate personalization on web pages, without relying solely on developers.

Designed specifically for marketers, a web experiment facilitates personalization on web pages, without relying solely on developers. A web experiment is an offer, next best action, or other customer experiment that can run on the web or be deployed into a web-based application.

A web experiment is essentially a statistical test between multiple variants. A variant is a variation of a customer experience. For example, you can run a web experiment to test whether a pop-up offer with more enticing images increases conversions on the Trending Now page of your site. Variant A shows one variation of updated images, Variant B shows another and Variant C is the control. The control is what currently runs on your production site.

We recommend you create a web experiment anytime you want to statistically test that a customer experience is resulting in the best outcome. For example, test several new website designs to find out which one generates the most engagement and conversions. After a variant winner is declared, you can create an experience to promote the winner to the default customer experience.

The following image shows a web experiment that displays as a corner pop-up offer on the homepage of a retail site:

Viewing a web experiment

A web experiment can test changes in website elements, such as the following:

  • Design layout.

  • Images - including the wow-factor, placement, number, and style.

  • Headlines - varying the content, length, size, font, and so on.

  • Company branding.

  • Text - changing the content, style, font, size, and placement.

  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons - changing the text on the button, varying the sizes, colors, and page placement.