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The Content manager


Describes how to work with XMC Content manager.

The Content manager is an editing tool that lets you work with content independent of presentation. The content tree in the Content manager contains all of the content items for the selected site. In Content manager, you can see content for each field and you can edit content that is not accessible in Pages.

Screenshot of the Content manager.

A content item is a collection of fields that contain information of different types (images, text, links, and so on) and can be presented in different ways on different targets. Every content item is based on a template. The template determines what fields the item includes.


The content tree in Pages is called the Site tree and it only contains page items that have a presentation layer, while the content tree in the Content manager contains all content items for the current site without a presentation layer.

In other words, the content tree in the left-hand pane in Pages is the hierarchical layout of the website, while the content tree in the Content manager lists content items regardless of where they are published on the website.

There are two tabs in Content manager: the content tree and the content explorer. You can open items from the content tree where content items are organized hierarchically. The content explorer enables you to list items in a flat list without hierarchy, and to find, manage, and sort items using filters and keywords.