Work with Forms

Forms is an app that enables you to create and design forms that are visually appealing and easy to use within a webpage. You add a form to a webpage like any other component.

Forms offers an easy way to send data to 3rd party applications without capturing user data. Instead, Forms uses webhooks to send the data across different touch points.

Screenshot of the Forms editor

To use Forms on Pages, you need JSS version 21.6.0 or later. You must have technical knowledge of JSS to do the upgrade.

Before you can add a form to a webpage, follow this workflow:

  1. Create a form.

  2. Design your form by adding a layout, fields, and styling.

  3. Add a webhook.

  4. Activate the form.

Your activated form is now available for use in:

  • Pages - on the left-hand pane, on the Components tab, navigate to the Forms section

  • Components - in the component toolbar, click Form. In the right-hand Sitecore Forms pane, choose a form.

Use cases

Contact information forms (Contact us forms) - collect basic contact information like email and the name of website visitors who want to learn more about your product/services.

Customer survey forms - survey customers on your website and collect feedback, suggestions, and comments from visitors about their experiences on the website. For example, the survey form can be triggered after a customer has made a purchase on your website or used on one of your services.

Order and checkout forms - collect shipping and contact information from customers before completing and processing online orders on your website.

Event registration forms - collect details of customers who are interested in an event that you’re organizing, the event could be virtual or in-person, and further details can be communicated to the customer after they submit a form.

Insurance/Loan application forms - if you’re in the banking or financial sector, you can create an insurance or loan application form that will help customers fill in their details for credit checks.

Appointment request forms - medical institutions can utilize appointment request forms to capture patient details for scheduling appointments.

Partnership enquiry forms - if you’re open for partnerships and collaboration, a partnership enquiry form would enable potential partners visiting your website to fill in their details to discuss further about potential partnerships.

Referral forms - if your business has a referral system, then you can easily collect details about potential referrals from your existing customers/clients through a referral contact form on the website.

Cancellation/Opt-out forms - cancellation or opt-out forms can be useful to gather information about the reason why a customer/user decided to stop using a product/service.

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