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View guest session data in Sitecore CDP


How to view a vertical timeline of session data for a guest (Sitecore CDP).

You can view the Timeline tab to see a rich list of the guest interactions on a vertical timeline. This includes the last 100 sessions. You can scroll through the timeline to see the chronological interactions the guest has had with your organization.

To view the Timeline tab:

  1. On the navigation pane, click Guests. The Guests screen displays.

  2. Click the name or Unique Universal Identifier (UUID) of the guest. The Guest Profile screen displays.

  3. Click the Timeline tab from the left-hand menu bar. A timeline of the guest's interactions displays.

  4. To filter the timeline by channel, select one of the following options:

    • Web

    • Email

    • Mobile Web

    • Mobile App

    • Call Center

    • Airport Kiosk

  5. To filter the timeline by interactions, select one of the following options from the Interactions Type drop-down list.

    • Browsed - sessions that did not result in a converted or abandoned session.

    • Converted - sessions that resulted in a purchase.

    • Abandoned - sessions that resulted in an abandoned cart.

  6. To apply a date filter, click one of the following buttons:

    • Last Day - session events from the last day the guest interacted with your organization.

    • Last 7 Days - session events from the last seven days.

    • Last 30 Days - interactions from the past thirty days.

    • This Month - interactions from the current month.

    • Last Month - events from the last month.

    • Last 12 Months - events from the last twelve months.

    • Last 2 Years - events from within the past two years.

    • Calendar - click the calendar icon to select a date range of when you want to view Interactions.

    The details that display depend on the channel, as described in the following tables:




Channel where the interaction occurred.


Device used in the interaction.


Internet browser used in the interaction.

Operating System

Operating system used in the interaction.


Website on which the interaction occurred.

Page Views

Number of page views that occurred during the session.

Flows ran

Number of flows that were run during the session. A flow is what runs an experiment on the backend of Sitecore CDP.

Session duration

Duration of the session. Each organization has their own definition of how much idle time from the guest must pass before a session is automatically ended.

Session Value

Total amount of all orders purchased during the session. Session value only displays for converted cart types.

Abandoned Revenue

Total amount of all orders added to the cart but that were not converted before the session ended. This only displays for abandoned cart types.

Email session details:

Email session details


Flow (legacy)

Name of the flow that ran the email. To view details of the experiment, click the flow name.

Flow Template

Name of the flow template from which the flow that executed the email message was based.

Execution Status

Displays a checkmark icon if the flow successfully executed. This displays a warning icon if the flow failed at executing.

Call center and airport kiosk details:

Agent session



Order associated with the session.

Trip status

Trip status, if applicable, of the order associated with the session.


To view events in the session, click the View Session Details link.