Building page templates

In XM Cloud Pages, when creating a new page for your website, you can apply a consistent layout and style by selecting a page template with a page design. Using a template with a page design ensures that all pages share the same header, footer, and key sections without having to do it all manually.

Using templates involves the following concepts:

  • Partial design - a page is divided into three parts: header, footer, and main. You can create partial designs for each of these parts by adding and arranging components into the relevant placeholder.

  • Page design - you can create page designs by combining partial designs, for example, with a header on top, a footer at the bottom of the page, and one or more main partial designs in between. A page design does not need partial designs in every section.

  • Template - a data template is a collection of fields describing the content to be included on the page. You can assign a page design to a data template to give it a layout and some initial content, thereby creating a page template that can be used to add pages to your website.


    You can use a template with no assigned page designs, but we don't recommend this.

The recommended process for working with templates is as follows: in XM Cloud Pages, in Templates mode, use the WYSIWYG editor to create partial designs, and then use partial design to create page designs. You can then assign a page design to a data template, and define insert options for the newly created page template.

Illustration of the page templates creation process

There is always a default template available in the Templates mode of XM Cloud Pages. You can duplicate it, rename it, and assign different pages designs to it to create various page templates. Alternatively, in the Content Editor, a developer can create additional data templates to be used in XM Cloud Pages.


You must publish partial designs and page designs in their respective editors in Templates mode before they can be used in webpages, because they will not be published when publishing a page on the Editor tab.

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