Design webpages

XM Cloud Pages is an app that combines editing and design capabilities for building web pages. With Pages, you can create any number of webpages, in any language, and publish any versions of the pages composing your website at any time of your choosing.

Screenshot of XM Cloud Pages.

In addition, XM Cloud Pages offers personalization and analytics features, so you can display different content to different audience, and assess how these changes affect your wesbite performance.

Create pages and add content to your website

To build a website with Pages:


For the page to be looking on the live website like it does in the XM Cloud Pages editor, you need to have previously published independently:

  • page templates and page designs in the XM Cloud Pages Templates mode

  • Sitecore components in XM Cloud Components

  • content items in XM Cloud Explorer

  1. Open XM Cloud Pages for the relevant instance.

  2. On the global toolbar, select the website you want to work on.

  3. On the Editor tab, in the left-hand side pane, open the Site tree tab.

    and click Create a subpage to create a page as a child of the item, or use the action menu of a specific page to click Create a subpage. You can always drag and drop any page to another position later.

  4. On the page of your choice, click , then click Create a subpage to create a new page as a child of the chosen page.

  5. Select a page template and click Select.

  6. Name the new page.

  7. Drag the components of your choice to the desired location on the page canvas.

  8. Assign content to component when needed. The content can already exist as content items in your site, as item in your media library, or you can create new content.

  9. Configure components using the settings available in the right-hand pane. Sitecore components settings are described in the XM Cloud Components documentation, while configuration settings for components saved in the Component Editor are available here.

  10. If available, chose a theme from the Styles library.

  11. When the page is ready, publish.

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