Rich text settings


This topic explains how to configure components previously built with Content Editor. If you want to learn about components built with XM Cloud Components instead, visit the XM Cloud Components documentation.

The editor in XM Cloud Pages applies information from the style sheet for your website, and displays the text as it will appear on your published site.


An item may look different in the Content and Pages rich text editors. This is because Content uses a default style sheet, and Pages uses your website's stylesheets.

Rich text configuration settings include:

  • paragraph style

  • text format such as bold, italic, underligned and crossed line

  • bullets and numberings of items

  • justification and indentation

Screenshot of the Rich Text settings.

You can use keyboard shortcuts in the rich text editor.

In addition, you can use the right-hand pane configuration to:

  • Remove formatting on the selected text

  • Create or edit a hyperlink

  • Insert a Media file . The image is inserted with a gray background to differentiate the picture from the surrounding text. If the image is larger than 260 px, it is resized to 260 px with 10 px padding. If the image is 260 px or smaller, the size is not changed.

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