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Getting started with web experiments


Describes getting started with web experiments.

This topic describes how to get started building a web experiment. We recommend that you complete these steps in the following order:

  1. Create a web experiment and add a variant using an out-of-the-box web template or custom code.

  2. Apply any of the following options to the web experiment:

    • Target a webpage to set the area of your website where you want the experiment to run. You can also add JavaScript to determine the context in which the experiment should execute.

    • Target an audience to configure the experiment to only run for a certain segment of guests. If you want to apply additional conditions for the experiment to run, you can use JavaScript.

    • Associate a decision model with your experiment to recommend dynamic offers or content.

  3. Compose an API response to apply further personalization using dynamic data.

  4. Insert the web experiment in your HTML by specifying in the JavaScript editor where in the Document Object Model (DOM) you want the offer or content to display.

  5. Preview the web experiment in your organization's website.

  6. Add a primary goal to the web experiment. Sitecore Personalize uses the metrics of the primary goal to measure variant performance when determining a leading or winning variant.

  7. Start the experiment. After the experiment runs for 24 hours, you can see how the variants are performing against each other on the Performance dashboard.