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Apply a condition to a triggered experiment


How to apply a condition to a triggered experiment.

You can apply a condition to an experiment to filter the audience based on visitor behavior.

To add a condition:

  1. From the Build screen, in the Filter section, click Add.

  2. Click Add condition and click pers_addcond.png next to the condition you want to apply. You can either apply an out-of-the box condition or a custom condition that a developer configured for your organization.


    Not all conditions are compatible with triggered experiments. This is because some conditions contain parameters that are only designed to work with certain types of experiments. If you want to apply an out-of-the-box condition, we recommend that you first check whether the condition is compatible with the triggered experiment.

  3. Complete any or all fields on the condition and click Save.

    The experiment will only run for visitors whose behaviors match what's defined in the condition.


    You can apply a segment to filter the visitors who see the experiment, based on segment membership.