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Add a personalization tag to a campaign


Learn how to add dynamic content to your email marketing campaigns.

Personalization tags are fully customizable tags you use to personalize campaign content. For example, to add subscriber information, a forward to a friend link, a personalize unsubscribe message, and so on.

To add a personalization tag:

  1. In the campaign editor, drag and drop a Text item in a layout. For this example, we use the text item but you can add any other item that can contain text.

    For example, if you want to customize the unsubscribe message enter a sentence such as Click here to stop receiving these emails. Select the word here and on the Text toolbar click Link. From the Personalization tag drop-down list, click Unsubscribe link.

  2. Click the Text item, and on the Text parameters toolbar, click Personalization.

  3. From the Personalization drop-down, click the tag that you want to use.


    Please note that if you add tags such as Recipients Name or Recipients Email, they will not work on test campaigns, since tests do not go through to actual subscriber lists.