Licensing in Sitecore Content Hub is based on user seats that you can allocate to users. The License tab of the Stats page displays the modules available in your license and the number of seats available for each of them.

The displayed table shows the following properties for each module:




Module name.

Total seats

Number of available seats.

Used seats

Number of seats currently in use.

Available seats

Number of remaining open seats.

The Used seats property is updated at a specific time each day. Users are active for a module if they are not disabled and are assigned to that module.

You can assign modules to users and user groups but you cannot update licenses.


If the number of seats is exceeded for a given module, the system logs out users with the oldest login dates. If you need to increase the number of user seats, contact your Content Hub account manager.


You can request to enable the Free modeling module, which lets you model any content type. While this module can model content types that have a dedicated module, it does not provide the module-specific functions associated with those modules.

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