State flows

A state is a step in the life cycle of a content item. A state flow is your movement from the first step to the last, triggered by specific events or actions. All these states, transitions, and actions are defined by you and are finite.


A state flow is considered complex when at least one state is connected to two different states, and linear when each state is only connected to one other state, as can be seen in the following example:

Example of complex and linear state flows

You can add state flow visualization to the detail page of any content item that has one or more associated state flows.

To use the state flow feature, you must enable it for your desired entity. When you have done this, you must add a state flow component. Using this component, you can create state flows, add states and transitions, and then link the state flows to target entities. You can also configure the various state assignees, either manually or dynamically.

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