Sitecore Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

You can integrate Sitecore Content Hub with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to boost security and allow customization of marketing content using approved assets. Sitecore Connect simplifies this integration by including Content Hub assets in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email App, which is part of the Content Builder. After setting up both Content Hub and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can start crafting emails and pages within the Salesforce Content Builder.

You can download the Sitecore Content Hub Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration package from the Salesforce App Exchange and consult the relevant documentation.

On the Salesforce plugin page, there are two default subpages:

  • Approved Assets: these assets have been approved and are now part of the Content Hub DAM.

  • In Progress Assets: these are assets still in the approval process before being added to the Content Hub DAM repository. To see this page, users must be in the M.Salesforce.MC.Editors user group. They can use in progress assets, or directly upload and publish assets.


The Salesforce connector supports the following image file types: .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .svg.

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