Digital rights management

Digital rights management (DRM) refers to any scheme that controls access to copyrighted or licensed assets. In Sitecore Content Hub, DRM prevents the unauthorized use and download of restricted assets. It is implemented using rights profiles and DRM (or digital) contracts, which determine the context in which an asset can be used: in which territory, for which media, and during which period.

In Content Hub, assets can be:

  • Unrestricted - where users can download an asset without restriction.

  • Restricted - where users can only download the asset if the intended use complies with the defined rules, or if they request permission and it is granted. The DRM administrator approves or rejects the DRM requests.

An asset is restricted when at least one rights profile is linked to it. You can restrict an asset from the asset details page, or you can add a rights profile and attach it to a DRM contract.


Clicking a public link to a restricted asset returns a 404 error unless you have permission to download that asset.

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