Content collections

Content collections bring together content items that have a common property or purpose. They let you create, manage, and share channel-specific content for easy reuse. For example, all the content items used in the launch of the Fruitful Campaign (such as blogs, social media posts, recipes, white papers, and emails) are contained in one content collection called Fruitful Launch Campaign.


By default, you can add only content items to a content collection. However, as a superuser, you can configure Sitecore Content Hub to work with other entity definitions. For instance, to add new or existing Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM) products, follow this example.

You can access content collections from the menu bar by clicking Collections. From here, you can browse existing collections and create new ones as needed.

Content collection states

The content collection state flow determines the lifecycle of a content collection and has three states available by default:

  • In progress - each new collection begins as In progress, and stays that way until you finalize it.

  • Final - if you click Done for a collection, it is set it as Final, ready for publication.

  • Archive - if you click Archive for a collection, it is set as Archive.

You can return a content collection state to In progress by clicking Start over. After a content collection has been archived, you can click Unarchive to return it to the Final state.

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