Projects and jobs operations

The following table describes standard operations you can perform when working with projects, tasks, and jobs and these operations are available on the various pages related to them.

You can access additional operations by clicking Actions more actions icon in the upper-right corner of the application window.




Add label

Add labels to selected assets or fragments.


Provide feedback on content including assets and fragments.

Assign roles

Assign roles to projects, stages, or jobs.

Assign state flows

Assign state flows to jobs.

Cancel task

Cancel a task.

Copy to clipboard

Copy selected content including assets, fragments, or attachments to the clipboard.


Delete a project, task, job, asset, or fragment.


Download the original version of an asset or download an attachment. If the asset is restricted, you can request download permission.


Change a task or task group, add or remove attachments, assets or fragments, and modify jobs.

Fragment diff

Display the difference between fragments.

30x30 Preview icon


Preview an asset or fragment. Display only selected assets, fragments, or attachments.

Reassign task or Reassign task group

Reassign a task to another user or, for a task group, reassign multiple tasks where new tasks are created for new assignees and tasks assigned to removed users are deleted.


Remove an asset, attachment, or fragment from a project.

Remove label

Remove a label from an asset or fragment.

Send reminder

Send a reminder to assigned users that a task is due.

Send task or send task group

Assign a task immediately or, if the task is part of a task group, all tasks in the group are sent simultaneously. See Task chaining.

Send to DAM

Send the content or asset to the DAM where you can see them on the Project incoming page. You access this page from the Create page by clicking View project assets.

Share via email

Share assets directly with recipients. See Share via email.


Upload a file or alternative file.

View details

Open the item details page (for example, the task details page or the asset details page).

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