Assets operations

The following table describes the operations that you can perform on assets. These operations are available on the various pages related to assets, such as asset details pages.

You can access additional operations by clicking Actions more actions icon in the upper-right corner of the application window.


Available operations and their location might vary based on your permissions and the way the configuration is defined.




Add to collection

Add assets to a collection.

Add to selection

Add the asset to a saved selection.


Annotate assets.


Approve assets submitted for approval.


Archive assets.

Compare to master

Compare the selected file with the master file when an asset has multiple files.

Copy to clipboard

Copy the selected assets to the clipboard.

Create draft

Create a draft asset from the current asset.


Delete assets permanently.

Download / Request download

Download assets or create a download order. If an asset is restricted, request download.

Edit / Mass edit

Edit assets.

Edit in table

Edit assets in a table view.

Find duplicates

Show all duplicates in the system.


Show the metadata history of a property or field.

Link items

Link selected entities to one or more other entities.

Move to trash

Send assets to the trash.

Paste from clipboard

Paste assets from the clipboard to a new location.

30x30 Preview icon


Open the inline preview.

Public link

Create and configure public links.

Refresh renditions

Refresh asset renditions after an update.


Reject assets submitted for approval.

Remove from saved selection

Remove assets from a saved selection.

Share via email

Share assets using emails.

Set as master

Replace the asset master file.

Set focal point

Set a focal point or specific location in an image that you consider important and to which you want to draw the viewer's attention.

30x30 Preview icon

Show selected only

Display only the selected assets.

Submit for approval

Send created assets to review.


Upload files.


Show the usage of the asset in Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP).

Use direct link

Redirect to the asset thumbnail preview in a new browser tab.

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