You can manage all of the pages in your Sitecore Content Hub from a single location, which you can access by clicking Manage and then, from the Manage page, clicking Pages.

Examples of Pages page

This page includes a full list of available pages together with several tools for managing them, including:

  • A Search tool to help you locate specific pages, including child pages. To perform a search, enter a name or keyword related to the page you want and then press the Enter key. The list of pages in the left pane updates to match what you entered.

  • An arrow icon to the left of a page name indicates that it has child pages. Clicking a right-facing arrow expands the list to display child pages, and clicking a down-facing arrow collapses and hides those child pages.

  • Breadcrumbs, which show the full path of the selected page, are displayed at the top of the right pane.

  • A contextual menu of options for each page, which you access by clicking More Actions icon. This includes the ability to view the page, move or delete it, or add a sub page.

  • A lock icon lock icon identifies system-owned pages. The More options menu More options icon is not available for system-owned pages.

  • Quick access to portal assets.

New UI - Preview

Superusers, there's a new UI on the way for Pages management, and you can already try it out!

Among many other improvements, you'll find pages easier to navigate, with all subpages grouped under expandable sections; you'll also be able to quickly change the visibility of any page component by clicking the Visible 30x30 Preview icon button.

New pages management user interface preview

To try out the new UI:

  1. Go to Manage > Pages.

  2. In the top-right corner of the Pages page, click New experience .

  3. In the New experience dialog, click Yes.

To switch back to the original UI:

  1. In the top-right corner of the Pages page, click New experience .

  2. In the New experience dialog, click Yes.

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