Perform a speed test

You can perform a speed test to retrieve performance data about your Sitecore Content Hub solution.


The test may take several minutes to finish.

To perform a speed test:

  1. On the menu bar, click Profile and settings Profile and Settings icon and then click Profile Profile and Settings icon.

  2. On your profile page, click More actions and then click Speed test .

  3. In the Speed test dialog, click Start.

The speed test dashboard displays the results of three tests:

  • Ping - Latency in the system, meaning the time it took to reach the portal and the delivery network. The lower the better.

  • Download - The speed at which data was downloaded from the portal and the delivery network. The higher the better.

  • Upload - The speed at which data was uploaded to the portal. The higher the better.


When the test ends, you can perform it again without closing the dialog box by clicking the Restart button.

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