Manage digital assets

Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM) enables you to search, find, and curate content in one unified repository. It helps you to avoid duplication and streamline content processes for easy collaboration. With the Sitecore DAM module, you can, for instance, use stored assets in marketing campaigns or product descriptions. Sitecore DAM supports many types of content, such as photos, layouts, artwork, video, audio, PDFs, or others. Each such item is called an asset.

In a simple workflow, for example, you create a piece of digital marketing content (such as a photograph) and upload it to Sitecore DAM. Then, you add metadata to describe its features and send it off to review. Once the reviewer approves it, the photograph becomes available to designated users. They can then download, edit, annotate, and distribute the asset in marketing campaigns, for instance. They can also add new asset versions as they are created, to support additional marketing channels.

Content Hub overview

Sitecore DAM provides you with the functionality you need for your digital assets, including the ability to:


For a brief introduction to Sitecore DAM, follow the quick start to step through a simple workflow.

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