Automate task distribution

To simplify project and task management, you can automate task distribution in Sitecore Content Hub (also known as task chaining) so that the task start is automatic and determined by various factors, such as the transfer of content between tasks, lifecycle status, and so on. This means that when one task is completed, canceled, or removed, the following task is assigned automatically. You do this at the beginning of a basic project or a project stage.

When creating a multi-stage project or a project template, you can define the sequence of stages and tasks in chronological order, enabling the Depends on project start send time for the first task and Auto-finish for the final task.


As the Project Manager, you do not usually know the content to add to each task in advance, so for the chained tasks, set the Include all content property to true.

To automate task distribution:

  1. Open a basic project, or a stage in a multi-stage project.

  2. Create a task setting the Send time property to one of the following options:

    • Depends on project start - distributes the task when the project status is set to In progress.

    • Depends on predecessors - sets the task status to Waiting until all predecessors are complete.

  3. If the Send time option is set to Depends on predecessors, define the following options:

    Predecessor option



    Click + Add to add one or more predecessors. When these tasks finish, your new task is automatically assigned.

    Await all predecessors

    Click this switch to make it active if you want all predecessor tasks to finish before your new task is assigned.

    Include attachments from predecessor tasks

    Click Add Add icon to specify the status of the attachments from the predecessor tasks that you want include.

  4. If the task you are creating is the last task in a task chain, click the Autofinish switch to set it to active so that the project finishes automatically when the task is complete.

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