Video AI analysis

Sitecore Content Hub integrates the Microsoft Azure Media Services Video Indexer to automatically extract metadata from your video assets. By default, you can only use Video AI assets with the video analysis functionality. The following limitations apply:

  • The video name cannot exceed 80 characters.

  • The upload size is limited to 30GB.

  • Video Indexer has a maximum 4-hour duration limit for a single file.

  • You can upload up to 50 movies per minute.

Video AI analysis encompasses the following features:

  • Face recognition and celebrity identification

  • Visual text recognition and object identification

  • Scenes segmentation and key frames extraction

  • Keywords extraction and topics identification

  • Language identification

  • Automated transcription

By default, the Video analysis pane displays video asset details, including the metadata generated by the video AI analysis (such as people, labels, and language tags). You can also manually edit the Video analysis pane to add or delete tags.


Video AI is not supported in sandboxes.

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