Create and update product translations

For the Microsoft D365 products that are in Sitecore Content Hub, you can create or update product translations.

To create and update product translations:

  1. Log in to the Finance and Operations portal for your D365 environment.

  2. On the dashboard page, click Expand the navigation pane.

  3. On the left navigation pane, click Modules and then click Product information management.

  4. In the expanded Product information management pane, click Products and then click All products and product masters.

  5. On the Products list view, locate your product by entering in the product number or name in the Filter box.

  6. Click the product number of the product you want to update.

  7. In the actions pane, under Languages, click Translations.

  8. On the Text translations page, from the Language drop-down list, select a language.


    The connector only synchronizes translations for languages that are configured in your Content Hub application.

  9. Click Edit.

  10. Update the translated text for any applicable field.

    Updated D365 product translations
  11. Click Save. Once the translation is saved, you can review the translations for the product in Content Hub.

To view the translation in Content Hub:

  1. Log into your Content Hub application.

  2. On the menu bar, click Products and, from the drop-down list, click Products.

  3. On the Products listing page, in the search box, enter the D365 product number of the newly updated translation.

  4. Click the product.

  5. On the product details page, click the language selector in the product header to change the language. You can now see your updates to the translation.

    Updated D365 product translations in Content Hub

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