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The following sections explain how to enable the Sitecore Content Hub extension and navigate the connector's interface.

Enable the Content Hub extension

Before you begin
  • Make sure that pop-ups are enabled in your browser.

To enable the Content Hub extension:

  1. Open your desired Adobe product.

  2. Click the Window menu.

  3. Select Extensions, and then Sitecore Content Hub.

  4. In the Content Hub dialog, in the Content Hub URL field, enter your Content Hub URL and click Login. If you are not already logged into your Content Hub instance, you will be prompted to do so.

  5. Click Grant to give access to Content Hub. After the authorization completes successfully, you are returned to Adobe Illustrator, where the Sitecore Content Hub dialog opens on the Assets tab.


Assets use low-resolution renditions by default. To enable high-resolution renditions, go to the Links panel in your Adobe product and, under Panel options, ensure the Marketing Content Hub check boxes are selected.

The Sitecore Content Hub dialog

The Sitecore Content Hub dialog inside your Adobe product has four tabs:

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