Create or edit an asset using Sitecore Connect for Creative Cloud

This section explains how to create or edit an asset using Sitecore Connect for Creative Cloud, including how to check them in and out between your Adobe product and Sitecore Content Hub.

To create or edit an asset using Sitecore Connect for Creative Cloud:

  1. Do one of the following to start working with an asset:

    • To check out an existing asset, in the Content Hub dialog box, in the search field, enter the name of your asset and press Enter, then do one of the following:

      • Click check out to download the asset and open it in a new document.

      • Click place asset in Adobe to download the asset and embed it in an open document.

      • Drag and drop drag asset to Adobe the asset to download and embed it into an open document.

    • To create a new asset, create a document in your Adobe product and then click Check in Active Document. When asked if you want to upload the document as a new asset, click Confirm.

  2. You can now use your Adobe product to modify the asset as needed. For more information, you can consult the Adobe Photoshop User Guide, the Adobe InDesign User Guide, or the Adobe Illustrator User Guide.


    While checked out, the asset is locked in Content Hub so that no one can make changes to it while you are working.

  3. When you've finished making your modifications, save the document.

  4. Check the asset into Content Hub by clicking check in.


    If your document is new, saving it first allows you to choose a file name, otherwise Content Hub will check it in with the original file name.

    The asset is uploaded to Content Hub, where a new version is created and set as master (the asset's public link remains the same). This means the new version doesn't go through the review process. Your document now appears as an asset on the Create page of your Content Hub instance and can be submitted for review.

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