Assign state flows to a job

A state flow is a workflow specifically for jobs that consists of a series of states, transitions, and actions. The following example shows a simple state flow with three states.

Simple state flow example

To create stateflows, you must have the necessary permissions.

You can assign one or more state flows to a job, which is useful when you want to apply multiple variants of a particular flow to the same job.

Using a state flow, you can automate the following aspects of the process:

  • Assignment - Allocate the resources needed to perform specific granular activities within a job.

  • Quick action - Make individual action buttons available to the dedicated collaborator in each state.

  • Status - Transition the job status automatically on completion.

To assign state flows to a job:

  1. On the menu bar, click Project > Jobs.

  2. In the list, click the job you want to assign state flows to.

  3. On the job details page, click More actions More actions icon > Assign state flows.

  4. In the State flows dialog, click Add Add icon, select the check boxes next to the state flows you want to assign, and click OK.

  5. Click Save.

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