Quick actions example

Typically, many people are involved in a project and, in order to streamline work, all need quick access to common tasks. Quick actions were introduced as part of state flows to address this need and provide you with the ability to add quick access to preset operations for work-in-progress content.

Assigned quick actions are tied to the individual states within a state flow (for example, to the Upload state, the Review state, or the Finalize state). This means that each state can display its own set of quick actions. In the following example, the only quick action available initially is Upload version. When the job moves to the Review state, the Annotate and Global review quick actions become available.

When you define a new state in a workflow, you specify how you want the quick actions feature to behave. In the following example, when you define the Review state you also specify that the only available quick actions are to be Annotate and Global review.

There are three update quick action settings:

  • Overwrite - the quick actions defined in the previous state are overwritten to show the quick actions you select for the task types.

  • Keep - the same quick actions shown in the previous state are shown.

  • Clean - the quick actions of the previous state are removed and no quick actions are shown.


At any point in the state flow, you can change which quick actions are available.

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