Compare versions

To review the changes made in content revisions, you can compare versions as shown in the following example. Content highlighted green is content that is included in the version. Content highlighted red is content that exists only in the compared version.


Content metadata is not included in version comparisons.

Comparing two revisions

To compare versions:

  1. On the menu bar, click Content and select Search.

  2. On the Search page, search for and select a content item.

  3. On the content item details page, click More actions More actions icon > Version history.

  4. In the Version history dialog box, select the check boxes next to the two versions you want to compare.

  5. Click Compare selected versions.

  6. On the version comparison page, click the Diff switch to highlight changes.

  7. To change the version you are focused on, click Swapswap icon.

    Swapping revisions

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