Contents of exported packages

Exporting any or all of the available data sets, also known as targets, creates a download order that packages the selected items into a ZIP file. This package contains a meta file, a EnvironmentProfile.json file, and a separate folder for each target.


An export package cannot include system-owned settings.


Making changes to an exported package might cause issues when importing that package. If you encounter a problem after importing a modified package, we recommend you export the package again and then re-import it without any modifications.

Meta file

The meta file contains the information required to import the package, namely:

  • The version of the export instance.

  • The name of the user who created the export package.

  • A list of all items exported, grouped by target.

  • The date the exported targets were last modified.

Environment profile

You can also include a file named EnvironmentProfile.json in an export package. This contains generic values that you can configure based on the target environment, such as the required authentication. This makes it simple to configure packages for different environments.

The EnvironmentProfile.json file must be placed in the package root, along with the meta file.

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